The “sign from God”- flames stop just short of an open Bible

The attack caused extensive damage to Baptist Church in Kaji-Say in Kyrgyzstan

Christians say they have seen a “sign from God” after church is firebombed in Kyrgyzstan but flames stop just short of an open Bible The blaze ripped through the building at about 1.30am, according to UK-based Release International, which monitors and reports persecution of Christians around the world, reported DAILYMAIL .

A member of Operation Mark, a partner of the group in Kyrgyzstan, described the incident as “an amazing sign” adding that ‘’there is no doubt the church in Kyrgyzstan will survive – and continue to preach the gospel.’’

The group claimed that the attack was carried out by Muslim militants in the area - apparently in revenge for the church having carried out a series of local outreach meetings.

Firemen who tackled the flames and later found several bottles of petrol which had failed to ignite.

There were no reported injuries.

In conclusion, I hope that I was able to describe the current situation in Armenia correctly and was able to answer the question regarding what to do. As a Diaspora, we have to both support and continue pressuring the current government for a peaceful transition of the power in Armenia in April 2018. Only then can we hope for an improvement and for slowing down out-migration, with a vision of creating a powerful and prosperous Armenia in the future.

Armweeklynews [11.01.2018]
The “sign from God”- flames stop just short of an open Bible
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